Family Behavioral Health Services, LLC

Juvenile Diversion Program


Upon referral, clients will complete a comprehensive mental health assessment, at the

completion of the mental health assessment recommendations for treatment will be

made and an individualized service plan addressing identified needs, will be developed

with the client and parent/guardian. In instances in which the client is identified as low

risk, they will be recommended to group therapy addressing issues through a cognitive

behavioral therapy and prevention based approach.

Should additional and/or alternative issues be identified in the mental health assessment

(such as family system issues, drug and alcohol issues, moderate to high risk sexual

behavior issues, etc.) additional recommendations will be made. Potential

recommendations could include individual counseling, family therapy, drug and alcohol assessment with the possibility of subsequent treatment, and a referral to a program addressing moderate to high risk behavior issues. A combination of treatment modalities may be recommended depending upon the client's needs. The goal of treatment is a comprehensive approach that will assist clients and their families in fully addressing all treatment issues and leading a healthy productive life.


Treatment providers will work closely with the Juvenile Court System and provide updates around progress and compliance in treatment. In instances where clients are non-compliant with treatment, recommendations may be made related to the need for consequences or alternative treatment approaches. A treatment approach will be taken addressing both the parent/guardian and adolescent. Research indicates that addressing these issues from both a parental perspective and adolescent perspective increases the success of treatment.

The following are examples of topics that will be addressed during group, individual or family level counseling depending upon the client's needs:

Teen Group Topics: Choices and decision making, values, thinking styles, peer pressure, anger management and feeling , anger triggers - button pushers, drug/alcohol education, communication/relationship, stress management/coping
and Self-care.

Parent Group Topics: Family values, parenting styles, using natural and logical consequences knowing when to seek professional help, co-parenting, stress management, healthy coping, Getting support for self and family, taking care of your own needs, effective communication intervening on unruly and delinquent behavior and drug/alcohol education.

                           Time-Out Program 
From time to time we all need a  “time-out” to reflect on 
   our personal goals and choices.                                 

The program is covered by insurance
Monday Nights 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Time-Out program is in place to provide parents and teens with a “time-out” from their busy lives.

Being in our program is a choice, and it reflects a decision to strengthen family communication. In this day and age,

every parents need support. We recognize that raising children today is a very difficult and demanding challenge.

This program provides both parents and teens support and guidance to move toward positive choices,decisions, and goals.

Program Goals:



Improve ability to make positive choices, understanding the consequences of poor choices, healthier ways to manage anger, learn new pro-social skills to replace negative behaviors and increased ability to cooperate with authority.



Gain awareness into own parenting style, learn tools to decrease emotional reactivity, improve ability to set and enforce age appropriate limits, demonstrate ability to understand and use positive discipline techniques and gain insight into negative family patterns