2017 Schedule

January 14th &21st
February 11th & 18th
March 11th & 18th
April 8th & 15th
May 13th & 20th
June 10th & 17th
July 8th & 15th
August 12th & 19th
September 9th & 16th 
October 14th & 21st
November 11th & 18th
December 9th & 16th

Drug and Alcohol Education/Prevention

When treatment is not indicated… but education is warranted! 

This class is not covered by insurance cost $180.00

Group facilitator: Steve Smith, LICDC 

Classes are offered 2 consecutive Saturday mornings 9:00am-1:00pm

A certificate of program completion will be given at the end of the program.   

The classes are appropriate referrals to fulfill court, probation, or employer requirements, DOT, EAP’s, mandatory company compliance referrals, employers seeking further education for employees, and/or any adolescent/adult seeking further education or self-growth. 

Drug and Alcohol Education class content highlights the 12-step method and other related life skills such as anger management, goal setting, and communication; in addition to the following:

Origins of Addiction                                                        

Genetic Predisposition           

Family Roles           

Dysfunction in Addicted Families Alcohol Addiction           

Disease Concept           

Effects of Alcohol           

Signs and Symptoms           

Cross Addiction           


Alcohol/Drug History           

Treatment of Alcohol dependence Opiate Addiction           


Prescription Opiates           

Signs and Symptoms           

Effects of Opiates           

Origins of Opiate Addiction           

Treatment of Opiate Addiction        

Stimulus Drugs           




Signs and Symptoms           

Effects on the body and mind Sedative Drugs           



Signs and Symptoms           

Effects of Sedative drugs Marijuana           

Signs and Symptoms           

Effects on the mind and body Tobacco


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