The Licensed Staff of Family Behavioral Health Services has extensive experience and training in providing professional mental health services in chemical dependency, mood disorders and family counseling for children, adolescents and adults.

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Family Behavioral Health Services, LLC is committed to the delivery of quality behavioral health care. We recognize the complexities of living in the twenty-first century and the subsequent challenges experienced in family life as well as individual coping and adjustment. Family Behavioral Health is dedicated to the goal of improving the life and mental health of all those we serve through quality treatment programs, personal empowerment and ongoing support.

We accept most public and private insurance plans.

Thank you for choosing to enter treatment. This is an opportunity to acquaint yourself with information relevant to treatment,confidentiality and office policies. 

We typically have same-day appointment availability.  Call 440-460-0140 or for scheduling.

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From time to time we all need a “time-out” to reflect on our personal goals and choices.

The Time-Out program is in place to provide parents and teens with a “time-out” from their busy lives. Being in our program is a choice, and it reflects a decision to strengthen family communication. In this day and age, every parents need support. We recognize that raising children today is a very difficult and demanding challenge. This program provides both parents and teens support and guidance to move toward positive choices, decisions, and goals.    

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